Our team has carefully curated a weekend full of activities to choose from. This is a great opportunity to try new activities, enjoy ones you already love, and create a weekend you will remember forever.

  1. Please choose only one 4-hour class per day (rock climbing, mountain biking, paddling, long hike) and fill the rest of your schedule with the shorter 2-hour classes / workshops.
  2. Please do not sign up for the same class/workshop more than once to ensure all participants have the chance to try different activities. Yoga is an exception to this rule - you can sign up for this more than once.. 
  3. If you are interested in a class that is full please sign up for the waitlist. We do have the ability to increase capacity in some classes if there is enough interest.
  4. Please note: You cannot double book time slots. If you select a community event like a meal or happy hour that overlaps with a class you will not be able to sign up for the class. You DO NOT need to add the community events to your schedule as everyone is welcome. so prioritize adding the classes / workshops to your schedule first.
Following these guidelines will help ensure that you don’t overdo it and that everyone will get to have a weekend full of different experiences.
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Tina Brubaker

Grit Clinics

Tina "Earthquaker" Brubaker started racing cyclocross and mountain bikes in Portland, Oregon in 1994. Tina is a 'Jackie of All Trades' on a bike, with race experience that ranges from road and track, to cyclocross, cross country, and enduro. Her versatility on two wheels has made her a force to be reckoned with in the Pacific Northwest, where she's been crowned OBRA's "Best All Round" rider an impressive 4 times.  

Earthquaker currently lives in Bend, Oregon and rides and races for the Speedvagen Family Racing team.  As a PMBI certified mountain bike coach for Liv/Ladies All Ride, SRAM Gold Rusch Tour, Grit Clinics, and the Bend Endurance Academy, she mixes a lifetime of racing experience with an incredible knack for helping any level rider. Tina especially loves to share her passion for mountain biking with women. The transition from tears of frustration to tears of joy in accomplishment is what makes this job her all-time favorite.